Broaden your marketing horizons…

When seeking options in local business, the selection is sometimes quite limited, but it doesn’t have to be.

SEOAs a local business owner, you have the option of adding affiliate merchandise to your local product selection to increase not only your selections, but by offering your business online, you can broaden your market. The online version of your business can include a worldwide market – depending on how far you want to drop ship your products, and who you select as your affiliate partner.

You can choose to be extremely selective and serve a small niche, or broaden your horizons with a group of valuable product options.

Micro-Niche Business options have become a hot market in recent years, but the bigger impact online businesses are affiliate marketing that introduces more product availability to your local buyers.

As a local business, you get to choose how you want to market your broader opportunity, and how much of a market you’d like to claim.

Let’s get you started today with a quality website at a very affordable price.

Get Your Quality Website on a Budget!

Learn and present the skills that will take you where you want to go. Your website is an online journal, a power-charged presentation of your business, of your solutions, of the answers you offer to customers, clients, readers, and associates who seek your services.

YES! Our websites are mobile friendly.

The lessons you’ve learned, the experiences you’ve had, and the adventures you’ve shared along the way portrayed on your website brand your business successful.

While the rest of the world seeks solutions at high prices without the support and security of a talented and skillful marketing coach, without the knowledge and understanding of a competent web designer, and lacking the confidence and creativity of a gifted writer, you’ve got the opportunity of the internet – with a $97 Program. 

Web DevelopmentWe offer:

  • Talented and Skillful Marketing Coach
  • Creative and Gifted Copywriter
  • Accessible Web Designer
  • Professional Business Developer
  • Innovative Graphics Artist

You get:

  1. An affordable “mobile friendly” website with all the basic features.
  2. 3 – 5 pages of well written content.
  3. Essential graphic elements for your website.
  4. Keyword optimized for your niche market.
  5. Professionally designed website for your business online.
  6. Professionally maintained website with free hosting.
  7. Quality, accessible, and speedy services on your website.
  8. REASONABLE PRICING for additional services.
  9. Free newsletter with training details and tips.

You know the best quality comes with constant, available access to people who care about the results you get from your business online. We care.

$97 Program – the website development program that comes with integrity, straight talk, great service, and a plan to assist you in your online marketing endeavors with quality, content, and strategy for just $97 per month.

Minimum One Year Agreement – All added pages and additions to the above described website will be at additional cost, and subject to hourly rates and billing prices.

Select services can be added at $97 per month.

To learn more about the PayPal experience and how you can make this work easier for you, please click on the link below. Or give me a quick call. I’ll be happy to help you make this happen.

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